• 2013-2014

    Parent Letter 7th and 8th grade only

    PE Anthem



    Dear Parents & students,


                Welcome back for the 2013-2014  school year.  I know we are all excited about getting back into the swing of things, and we have a few items we would like to bring to your attention.    We would like to remind you that our 7th and 8th grade PE students will be required to dress out this year and they will have PE everyday for one semester.


    In order to help you with the start of the year we are providing a modified syllabus to help you understand how class is going to work:


    Monday-Friday- Normal participation days in PE that require students to dress out according to the specifics in the PE rubric.

    All Half days we will not be dressing out


    Anthem is proud to announce that Coach B’s classes will be taught by Coach H on Mondays and Fridays and Coach M Tuesday-Thursday






                Over the years Anthem PE has been working to develop a rubric to define how grades are determined.  The rubric presented to you is designed to aid in the social and physical development of all of our students.


    7th and 8th grade:

    -         Each class is worth 15 points, 5 for participation, 5 for proficiency, and 5 for team work/cooperation

    -         Students must dress out each day they have PE.

    -         If a student is not participating due to illness they will still be required to dress out so they earn those points for that day.

    -         Dressing out means you have completely changed the clothes you wore to school into other clothes, preferably our uniform.

    -         Sneakers must be worn and be tied securely as outlined in the rubric.

    -         In cold weather, sweats and jackets may be worn; however, the student still needs to change their clothes from what they wore to school.

    -         Students are required to have a notebook for PE for health and other related assignments

    -         Random notebooks checks and quizzes may occur at any time.

    -         Students are encouraged to bring water bottles(Extra credit may be available).




    Grading for 7th and 8th grade




    Notes for being excused


                Students will be excused from PE with a parent note for the day they bring the note in, all extended non-participation due to illness or injury needs a doctor’s note.  Without these notes the student will lose their points.



    *7th and 8th grades must take this home and get it signed by your parent.  This is your first homework assignment so please do not forget!!!!!!!!!





    Coach H, Coach M and Coach W







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