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 Welcome to Kindergarten at Las Brisas!!!



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Welcome to Kindergarten at Las Brisas!!!

Here is some contact information for the Simcoe's Squirrels

Mrs. Jennifer Simcoe

Room 102     (623) 445-5531

Front Office: (623) 445-5000      Attendance: (623) 445-5590       

Nurse: (623) 445-5510


Other Info

  • During our school's closure, you can check out my Kindergarten website page for fun ideas to keep busy learning at home. :) 

    In addtion, you can always read books... library books, books from your book bag, books from your home... and talk about the story with an adult.  Share things like the characters, the setting, the main idea.  is it a real or fantasy story? Pracitice your sight words: read them, spell them out loud and write them. :) 

    You could keep a journal about what you are doing each day... draw a picture with details and write a few sentences about it.  

    To keep your math mind sharp, practice writing your numbers so they are going the correct direction; count backwards begining at the number 20. You could make up addition and subraction stories and write a sentence to go with it and a number bond or have an adult tell you a math story and draw the picture to match it. 

    Lastly, you could watch movies, snuggle with someone, talk a walk outside and practice using your 5 senses on your walk.... well.., maybe not the sense of taste. :)  Oh, and you could practice proper hand washing, nose blowing, shoe tying and memorize your student id number.  



     *Specials are everyday @ 11:05 - Monday: Music    Tuesday - P.E.   Wednesday - Art    Thursday - P.E.    Friday - group activity or make up day (wear tennis shoes)

    *Remember to wear tennis shoes/closed toed shoes on P.E. days 

    *Library days are Wednesdays at 1:45