Welcome to Kindergarten at Las Brisas!!!

  • Our classroom is part of the Bright Beginnings Program.  This year all students in our classroom will participate in many opportunities to grow as a thinker, a reader, a writer, a mathematician, a scientist, an explorer and, of course, as a friend. I will be there to help them on their Kindergarten journey. :) If you would like to learn more, you can click the picture below to see a link for more information. 



    Here is some contact information for the Simcoe's Squirrels

    Mrs. Jennifer Simcoe

    Room 102     (623) 445-5531

    email - jennifer.simcoe@dvusd.org

    website - www.dvusd.org/lb-simcoe

    canvas page - https://dvusd.instructure.com/courses/135132

    Front Office: (623) 445-5000

    Attendance: (623) 445-5590       

    Nurse: (623) 445-5510