• Welcome to 2nd grade!

  • We are a NUT FREE classroom!  Please do not bring in anything that may have been processed in a factory with nuts.  

    Dr. Seuss



  • I use Class Dojo for parent communication and behavior.  It is a great way to see what is happening in our class.  I post school fliers, pictures from parties and field trips, and general announcements.  Please make sure you are apart of this.  You can also send messages.  You will be getting a sheet with instructions on how to join.


  • Special Area Schedule
    Specials are everyday at 2:00 P.M.
    Monday: P.E.
    Tuesday: Art
    Wednesday: P.E.
    Thursday: Music
    Friday: Wear P.E. shoes/make up day
    * Please remember to wear appropriate P.E. attire.
     Lunch is at 11:45

    To be shared

    Please do not feel you have to buy everything on this list.  These are "nice to haves"

    Antibacterial Wipes

    Baby Wipes

    White board markers

    Gallon Size Zip-Loc Bags

    Highlighters (any color)


    Large Glue Sticks

    Personal Supplies

    Our class sits at tables so they will have group supplies.  If your child wants to bring in their own personal items that is great.  Please have them in a pencil box or pouch to keep seperate.  A suggested list of personal supplies is below. Have everything labled for your child's personal items.

    Personal Pencil Pouch/box




    Pencil Sharpener-Hand held pencial sharpener                         



    Please try to have a clip board case for your child.  Wal-mart has been the cheapest for them.  If your child has one from 1st grade please us that one.  The students will use these so much around the room holding supplies and being able to write on a hard surface.

     clip board case