• Welcome to Mrs. Dymond's Fourth Grade!

    There is a true genius in everyone- Albert Einstein





    MISSION: To always strive to be a life-long learner with a kind heart and positive attitude!


    ANY item consumed in the classroom must be processed in a nut free environment. Please read all labels below the ingredients for ANY allergy information. Items MAY NOT contain ANY type of nut. Suggested snacks are: pretzels, popcorn, rice snacks, chips, crackers, goldfish, graham crackers, fruit snacks, Rice Krispie treats, fresh fruit, and fresh vegetables.

    Daily Schedule
    Block 1
    8:00-8:45 Specials Monday, Tuesday, Friday PE, Music and ART will alternate every two weeks.
    8:45-9:00 RECESS
    9:00-9:45 ALL Things EQ / Science
    9:45-11:25  Math
    11:30-12:05 Lunch / Recess
    Block 2
    12:05-12:50 Science
    12:50-2:15 Math
    2:15-2:45 RTI

    Important Dates:  

    August 2: First Day of school

    August 6: Early Release

    August 13: Early Release

    August 20: Early Release

    August 27: Early Release

    September 3: Early Release

    September 6-7: Labor Day Recess

    September 17: Early Release

    September 24: Early Release

    October 1: Early Release

    October 8: Early Release

    October 11-12: Fall Break Days

    October 18-22: Conference Week

    October 21-22: Half Day Conferences

    October 29: Early Release

    November 5: Early Release

    November 11: Veterans' Day No School 

    November 19: Early Release

    November 22-26: Thanksgiving Break 

    December 3: Early Release

    December 10: Early Release

    December 17: Half Day 11:20 release 

    December 20-January 31- Winter Break 

    January 3: Full Release - No School - Staff Development 

    January 14: Early Release

    January 17: MLK Day No School

    January 28: Early Release

    February 4: Early Release

    February 11: Early Release

    February 14-18: Conference Week

    February 17 and 18: Half Days 11:20 release

    February 21: Presidents' Day No School

    March 4: Early Release

    March 11: Early Release

    March 14-18: SPRING BREAK

    March 25: Early Release

    April 15: Spring Day No School

    April 29: Early Release

    May 6: Early Release

    May 13: Early Release

    May 19: Last day of Fourth Grade Half Day 11:20 Release












    "You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”
    -Clay P. Bedford