• Welcome to Mrs. Dymond's Third Grade!



    There is a true genius in everyone- Albert Einstein

    Otto Seigel- Genius Coaching Parent Videos

    Child Anxiety

    Bright and Bored-Now What 

    Daily Schedule
    8:00-10:15 ELA/ Writing
    10:15-10:30 RECESS
    10:30-11:15 Specials: M- Music T-Art  W- STEAM  Th- PE  Fri- Music
    11:15-11:40  Social Studies
    11:40-12:15 Lunch
    12:15-12:55 Science
    12:55-1:20 RTI
    1:20-2:45 Math
    MISSION: To always strive to be a life-long learner with a kind heart and positive attitude!
    Mrs. Dymond’s Class Matrix



    ELA / SS




    Willing Attitude

    I can do this!

    10 + DB lessons a week

    Work as a team with a Positive Mindset

    Keep trying, Positive mindset

    Stay Focused

    Go beyond

    I Can do this!

    Positive Mindset

    Try your best

    Work as a team

    Accept others’ ideas

    Positive Mindset

    Actively participate


    Draw a different solutions

    Make a creative book / project

    Be creative

    Be a creative thinker, share ideas


    Listen to others


    Hands to Self

    Walk in classroom

    Stay in seat Raise hand

    Stay focus

    Listen to others

    Hands to self

    Inside voice

    Heart to speaker


    Help others 

    Give encouragement

    Help others


    Be kind


    Help others

    Be Kind

    Be Nice


    Important Dates:  

    July 31: First Day of school

    August 4: Early Release

    August 11: Early Release

    August 18: Early Release

    August 25: Early Release

    September 1: Early Release

    September 4: Labor Day

    TBA: Curriculum Night 5:00 or 5:30

    September 15: Early Release

    September 22: Early Release

    September 25: Fall Break Day NO School

    October 6: Early Release

    October 9: Columbus Day NO School

     October 12-13: Half Days Conferences 11:20 RELEASE 

    October 20: Early Release

    October 27:Early Release

    November 3: Early Release

    November 10: Veterans' Day No School 

    November 17: Early Release

    November 20-24: Thanksgiving Break 

    December 1: Early Release

    December 8: Early Release

    December 15: Half Day 11:20 release 

    December 18-January 2- Winter Break 

    January 2: Full Release - No School - Staff Development 

    January 12: Early Release

    January 15: MLK Day No School

    January 19: Early Release

    January 26: Early Release

    February 2: Early Release

    February 5-9: Conference Week

    February 8 and 9: Half Days 11:20 release

    February 16: Early Release

    February 19: Presidents' Day No School

    February 23: Early Release

    March 1: Early Release

    March 8: Early Release

    March 11-15: SPRING BREAK

    March 22: Early Release

    March 29: Spring Day No School

    April 26: Early Release

    May 3: Early Release

    May 10: Early Release

    May 16: Last day of Third Grade Half Day 11:20 Release












    "You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”
    -Clay P. Bedford