DVUSD COVID-19 Home Learning
  • Speech & Language Services 

    Speech & Language Team: Mrs. Carlson (K-6th grade), Ms. Kelly (K-6th grade) and Ms. Waller (Preschool)

    From all of us in the Speech Department, please know our thoughts are with you and your famiy during these difficult times. DVUSD is working hard to support our families, as well as being sensitive to everyone's individual challenges. This is unchartered territory, but we will get through it together. Though we are unable to provide the level of service we did before the break, we will continue to provide support as best we can via Zoom for meetings and therapy, as well as  family/student resources on our Webpage. Again, we understand the fears and challenges you all are facing, but you are not alone. Please reach out through our individual emails: Laura.Waller@dvusd.org, Ginny.Carlson@dvusd.org and Shana.Kelly@dvusd.org if you have any questions or concerns.

    Please understand, therapy, resources, etc.. are here just to support you. Nothing is expected during this time. Breathe, stay healthy and do what you can...and if all fails, just love and play with your family : )

    Stay healthy, stay safe.

    "But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready, you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with ME!" Dr. Seuss

    Therapy within the school setting is different from private therapy in a clinical setting. Within the public schools, we focus on assisting your child in accessing the cirriculum at their ability level. We work on language, articulation, and more in therapy and work towards generalizing those skills within the classroom.

    Contact Information:

    • email: Mrs. Carlson
    • email: Ms. Kelly
    • email: Ms. Waller         
    • Please do not call our classroom phone.  We are not able to answer or check voicemails that are left.