2020-2021 Anthem Athletics


    Baseball and Softball Tryouts begin February 22nd. This is a shortened, 4 week season, we will be traveling and competing against other schools.

    Register for tryouts fully online using RMA(click here for RMA website) All directions are available under the Register my Ahtletie tab. 


    There is NO PAY TO PLAY FEE.  This year the $60 has been waived.




    We will still be having volleyball and cheer season so you may continue registering online using RMA (click here for RMA website). More information can be found on the athletic page. 


    Athletic Physical update:

    This year only, the AIA has allowed athletes who had a physical done last year to use that same physical for the 20-21 school year. It's only for this academic school year. If you have a physical on file with Ms. Williams you don't need to go to the doctor. If you don't have a physical with Ms. Williams, you will need to go to the doctor to get a physical. Everyone will still need to put their information into Register My Athlete. Directions and information about Register My Athlete are below.



    Click Here for the Addresses of Schools in our conference

    Click Here for the map of the schools in our conferences

    Athletic Coordinator:  
    Tessa Williams 
    In order to participate in an after school athletic program, all students must be cleared to participate through the athletic office.  The first step is to complete an athletic clearance packet.  All students must be cleared (completed packet turned in) prior to tryouts (for cut sports) or the first day of practice (for non-cut sports).  No athletic clearance packets will be accepted if they are not completely filled out and all forms are attached.  Packets only need to be turned in once per year. Packets can be obtained in the front office, Ms. Williams' room (C108) or downloaded.


     In accordance with the State of Arizona’s regulations and Deer Valley’s Governing Board Policy, only those students deemed academically eligible may participate in extra or co-curricular activities. Athletic Eligibility will be determined every week by the Administration and Athletic Coordinator starting the first Monday after the week of tryouts (3rd week, in a new quarter) If a student-athlete is ineligible for a class (Minimum of 1 D), they will be put on a pending academic list for one week. During this pending period, the student-athlete will still be considered on the team and allowed to participate. If a pending student-athlete is still ineligible for a class (Minimum of 1 D) the following week, the student-athlete will be put on an ineligible list for one week. During this ineligible period the student-athlete will still be considered on the team, they will not be allowed to practice or participate in games. The athlete will have to attend Student-Athlete AX for 1 hour every practice day, after AX is over the Student-Athlete will attend practice where they will watch and cheer their team on. On game days the Student-Athlete will not have AX. They will dress out but will not participate in the game. If the student-athlete has a combination of three occurrences during a season (Pending or Ineligible), then they will be dismissed from the team. This will be considered the three strike rule.

    Grade checks will be run by Administration and/or the Athletic Coordinator using power schools every Monday morning and the pending/ineligible time period will be Monday to Saturday. Grades are considered for all classes with no exceptions, and it is not looked at on a class to class basis. 


    Students participating in extracurricular events must be in attendance at school on the day of the events. Students who are excused for a part of the day, not to exceed one-half day, for dental appoints and/or medical appointments may be allowed to participate. Any student who participates in a game/contest that does not follow the above attendance requirements will automatically be suspended from the next game of competition. Suspensions can carry over to the next athletic season and sport.

    Students assigned to OCR/ISS or students who are suspended from school may not participate in any team practices/games from the time of their assignment to OCR/ISS or home suspension until the day following their last day of assignment to OCR/ISS or home suspension. It is the responsibility of the coach to assure that no students assigned to on campus suspension or home suspension be allowed to participate.

    Students and parents should be aware that if the student is medically excused from participating in regular physical education classes, they could be ineligible for participation in school athletic programs as stated on the medical excuse from the parent or doctor.

    Playing Time:

                Playing time is based off of sportsmanship, grades, attitude, ability and effort. Playing time is NOT guaranteed.



    Extra-curricular Sports

    Volleyball: January

    • Boys Volleyball - Bre Williams
    • Girls Volleyball - Bre Williams
    XCountry-  May
    • 7/8 Cross Country - Ben & Vanessa Uphoff 
    • 5/6 Cross Country - Ben & Vanessa Uphoff

    Basketball: February

    • Boys Basketball - James Colberg
    • Girls Basketball -James Colberg
    Spiritline Tryouts: January
    • Spiritline - Laura Hummel and Camiel Roets

    Baseball/ Softball: March- April

    • Boys Baseball - TBD
    • Girls Softball - Kelly Hanson
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