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    Prekindergarten is an exciting time in a child's life. In our Reggio inspired class, the environment plays in intricate role. The environment is intentionally set up with engaging, flexible, rich materials to sustain meaningful interactions. The environment provokes exploration and experimentation, problem solving, negotiation, communication and collaboration, while promoting a balance between comfort and stimulation. My goal is to provide an environment that contains places for private reflection and encourages interaction that is transformable by children with many possibilities and opportunities for surprise, joy, and investigation. Our project-based class explores a topic of interest in-depth. The children question, explore, investigate, read, write, draw, count, graph, pattern, and experiment along their journey of discovery. We spend much of our time in our outdoor classroom. Through hands-on investigations, teacher facilitated discussions and questioning, a child's innate sense of wonder thrives.  

    Read more information about brain development in young children from Harvard University:                                                                                                 https://developingchild.harvard.edu/science/key-concepts/brain-architecture/

    Our class is featured in an article published by First Things First. Read how we use our outdoor classroom to expand learning.

    Reading aloud to you child is a simple and effective way to foster nuturing, language rich family interactions that support brain development. Read more here: http://www.reachoutandread.org/our-story/importance-of-reading-aloud/

    Regular Class Hours:                                       Early Release Hours:                                               
    A.M. = 8:30-11:15                                               A.M. = 8:30-10:00                   
    Full Day = 8:30-3:15                                          Full Day = 8:30-11:50
    P.M. = 12:30-3:15                                               P.M. = 10:20-11:50 

Our Study of Music is Noteworthy!

  • New vocabulary: instrument, percussion, vibration, resonate, string family, wind family, pitch, sheet music, music note

    The children have explored various instruments in our Music Store, observed 4th grade Band class, and participated in Music class with 1st grade students.

    Coming Up Next: Exploration of music styles


There's so much to learn in our outdoor classroom!

What's Cooking in the Mud Kitchen?

Pre K Notes

  • Our First Month

    Posted by Kelly Simmons on 9/10/2018 8:00:00 AM

    Our first month together has been busy. The days are filled with investigations, new discoveries, and surprises at every corner. The most exciting discovery has been the mystery of the small doors at the base of the oak trees. The children ask many questions about the doors. We've had discussions about how to discover the answers to their questions. The children wrote and drew messages that were left beside the doors. We received messages in return and learned that two fairies, Finn and Luna, live behind the doors. We also learned that they are brother and sister. The children have more questions for Finn and Luna. We can't wait to learn more.

    Our Lessons:  Math - Matching objects, sorting, how many questions with 1, 2, 3, matching a numeral with a group of objects, data analysis through graphs, and using appropriate vocabulary to describe time and sequence.  Literacy - Phonological awareness, rhyming words, letters E & F, and emergent writing skills. Social Emotional - Recognizing and expressing feelings, social interactions.  Social Studies - Understands family and views self as a member of the family unit. Identifies family members. Identifies similarities and differences in their family composition and the families of others.

    New Vocabulary:  Kindness, investigate, mystery, observation, group, horizontal, vertical, morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening, and rhyme.

    Art History: Piet Mondrian, Dutch artist

    Coming up Next: A study of seeds; planting fall crops in our garden; the letters E and H; and rhyming. In math, we will demonstrate quantity using a 10 frame; arrange and count up to 5 objects in scattered and linear configurations; count The Math Way; and find embedded numbers in 4 and 5.

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Signs we know!

  • I love you, love, friend, line up, lion, like, frog, feet, fox, father, fast, egg, elevator, elephant, hot, happy, hat, horse, house, turtle, talk, table, teeth, tiger, tree, ice cream, in, insect, island, I, itch, water, kind, under, up, umbrella, cat, corn, cold, cup, cookie, cake, over, on, off, queen, quick, quiet, quit

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