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               Thursday November 15, 2018



    Reminder for all staff and students-There are no drinks other than water allowed in classrooms or the Library at any time.


     SDOHS A+ School of Excellence

    We are pleased to announce that Sandra Day O’Connor High School has earned the coveted recognition of an A+ School of Excellence. This is the first time that Sandra Day O’Connor High School has earned this prestigious recognition and something to be very proud of. Our school was evaluated in the areas of student focus and support, school culture, active teaching and learning, curriculum, leadership, community and parent involvement and assessment data.


    Fire Alarms

    -Unless you can see fire or smell smoke, hold students in your classroom.

    -Evacuate only when directed to do so by an administrator or emergency personnel.



    -During a DRILL, you will hear: “Teachers and staff, we are now initialing a lockdown drill.”

    -During an actual EMERGENCY, you will hear: “This is a code red lockdown, code red lockdown, code red lockdown.”

    -If you hear a fire alarm during either a DRILL or an actual EMERGENCY, hold students in your classroom. Unless you see fire or smell smoke, evacuate only when directed to do so by an administrator or emergency personnel.




    Eagle Hour student locations - students during lunches and/or Eagle Hour need to be in the lunch room or the center of campus. For Restroom usage during these times, please use the restrooms near the cafeteria and not the academic buildings.  during lunch time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, students are not to be in the PA/PE/Academic buildings during this time.


    Eagle Hour Assignments - Students, please remember to check your PowerSchool grades on a regular basis. If you are failing a class, you need to be sure to see your Eagle Hour teacher on both Tuesday and Thursday for the week.  It is good practice to check your grades on Monday morning so you know which teacher to see for academic interventions or enrichments on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  In other words, it is important for students to be where they are supposed to for all Eagle Hours.  




    Students please be aware of the city of Phoenix's parking policies for our surrounding community neighborhoods. We have been notified by Safeway Shopping Center Management, as well as Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office that O’Connor students parking in the business parking spaces can and will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

    REMINDER there is NO PARKING allowed on the north curb of Hackamore in the student loading zone. All violators will be ticketed without warning sticker.

    Please obey all posted signage. Not obeying posted signage will result in your car being ticketed or towed at your expense.

    If your car is towed see someone in security or conduct.

    Students riding bicycles and skateboards on campus will need to use the sidewalks in a responsible manner, and not ride on the driveway entering the campus. It is a safety issue with vehicle traffic. Skateboards may not be carried from class to class.


    Earn & Learn

    Sandra Day O'Connor students and family, You can help our school win a prize of $500 to $2,500 from The Shops at Norterra Earn & Learn program. It’s Easy! Between August 1 and March 31, shop, dine or watch a movie, then your student can drop off your receipts at the school BOOKSTORE. Visit shopandlog.com/norterra to see how Sandra Day O'Connor high school is doing in the competition.

    You can follow on Facebook (Norterra Shopping) or Instagram (shops_at_norterra) and post our school name on any post they have and earn us 500 points each per person.


    Reminder: Students and Parents-

    The front desk will not accept personal items such as IPads, cell phones, money or lunches. There are also no deliveries allowed for students such as balloons, flowers, food or gifts of any kind.


    Students, this is a reminder to check your PowerSchool grade on a regular basis. Be sure that you communicate with your teachers on Monday if you are not passing a class and need to attend Eagle Hour both Tuesday and Thursday.  All students with a D or an F grade need to attend Eagle Hour with their teacher on Tuesday and Thursday in order to improve their learning. 


    Congratulations to this week’s STAY CLASSY OC winners:

    Amber Werbel - won a Texas Roadhouse gift card

    Haley Hackett - won a Texas Roadhouse gift card


    Remember to STAY CLASSY and STAY HEALTHY OC and you too could be a prize winner!

    Place your ticket into the drawing box by Rosa Leptich's desk in the admin building for your chance to win!



    Many students with iPad problems have lost everything because they didn't save files. Don't let this happen to you! Please take time to save important files on your iPad. Save to an Adobe account, Google Drive, or simply email files to yourself. If you need help, check out the LMC website or stop by the library and see Mrs. Salameh.





    ID machine is back. If you need a duplicate or updated ID, please visit the Bookstore BEFORE SCHOOL, AFTER SCHOOL, AT LUNCH, OR DURING EAGLE HOUR. Do not visit during class, we will turn you away. A lost or stolen ID is $5 for a reprint. Schedule changes and student athletic pass updates are no charge.

    Any iPads + accessories that were not turned in will result in a fine on the account.

     Make your payments from home! Visit payments.dvusd.org and log into your student's account. Please remember to provide a receipt to the teacher for any payments made online.

    Students, please do not visit the bookstore during class unless you need textbooks, have Ipad issues, or have club/sport business to take care of.

     If you have payments, purchases to be made, or need an ID, please visit us before school, after school, or at lunch. If you come down during class for these items we will turn you away.



    Have you had lunch at the OC Cafe yet?  Come on and try --We offer a variety of food..... from, pizza, chicken sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, popcorn chicken, salads, wraps, to  mexican and asian food.  With our meals starting at $3.00, it's a great deal.  All meals include, entree, side and juice, milk and a cup.  Come in today, we have some fun OC lunch ladies ready to serve your nutritional needs. Have a great day Eagles!!!

    Health Reminder: DO NOT come to school if you have a fever over 100.0 degrees or if you are vomiting or having diarrhea. You need to stay home for 24 hours.





    Student Reminder of behavior at games

    School dress code applies

    No backpacks are allowed

    No outside drinks will be allowed inside the stadium

    You must have your ID with you




    OC Wellness

    OC Wellness has now come to SDO. Are you aware of activities on campus such as Yoga, Basketball, Art Therapy, Nutrition Classes and even TugOWar with Coach Casey happening before, during, after school and at Eagle Hour!

     You can download the OC Wellness Calendar on your Google Calendar App!



    Parents, please join the Sandra Day O’Connor Counseling Department in welcoming mental health professionals from Transitions Counseling, Quail Run and Community Bridges to our campus to discuss topics such as depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation and the latest drug trends including vaping on 11/29/18 in the Media Center from 5:00-7:00 pm.




    Please go to Parchment.com or find the link on our website.

    We have partnered with Parchment.com as our transcript service. Parchment is a secure service open 24/7. Transcripts will be sent electronically to the admissions office or location of your choice.

    Fees for this service are: $3.50 for current students (some students may qualify for a fee waiver; contact registrar for more information) $5.00 for Alumni students. 


    “Say Something”

    There is a collective benefit of reporting or informing adults about any potential unsafe activity so that students get to attend the kind of school they want to attend, a school where the climate is friendly, warm, respectful and supportive. Individually and collectively, we can play an essential role in helping to maintain safety and can make a dramatic difference in preserving such a climate at Sandra Day O'Connor High School. With a hotline in place, information can be reported anonymously by students, parents, or community members without fear or reprisal. If you see something, say something by telling a staff member or dial 623-445-7137.  


    Stay connected with Sandra Day O’Connor High School through Twitter and Facebook. Find us at the following locations:

    Athletics:   @SDOAthletics

    Stay Classy O'Connor Twitter:   @OHS_Eagles

    Sandra Day O’Connor High School Facebook

    The mission of Sandra Day O’Connor High School is to empower students to learn, lead, and contribute.

    The vision for Sandra Day O'Connor High School is one of high academic achievement for all students within a safe and healthy learning environment.













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