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    The Academy Of Civic Engagement and Advanced Studies 
    (Formerly known as the Academy of American Studies)
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    Welcome to the Academy of Civic Engagement and Advanced Studies page! The Academy is a 4-year program that focuses on civic engagement and college readiness through a variety of courses, guest speakers, field trips, and interactive learning. The Academy is also a companion program to the Advanced Academics program at SDOHS. Students who are accepted into the Academy automatically become part of the Advanced Academic program, which includes Honors/Pre-AP/AP courses.
    Why should my student join the Academy? If your student is looking to excel in academics and prepare for college, this program does that.  The type of rigor and dialogue that students receive in the Academy are they type that they will see in college.  The teachers in the Academy are all certified for Honors and AP courses, and have some of the highest success rates for students taking the AP College Board exams.
    The 4-Year Program of Study is as follows:

    Freshman Year

    ·       AP Human Geography  (1.0 Credit)- Focuses on the movement of people around the globe and how they adapt to those regions and cultures. *Mrs. Ellis Teacher Bio Page

    ·         ELA 1-2 H (1.0)- Focuses on Literature that touches on American Classics such as To Kill A Mockingbird.  *Mrs. Davies

    ·         Biology H (1.0)- Focuses on the basics of animal and human biology and their interation with their environment. No assigned teacher 


    Sophomore Year

    ·         World History AP (1.0)- Focuses on the Major Themes seen throughout world history.  

    ·         ELA 3-4 H (1.0)- Focuses on Greek classics along with contemporary literature.  *Mrs. DeVito

    ·         Chemistry H (1.0)- Focuses on the dynamics of how matter interacts in different forms.  *Mr. Burton

    ·         US 2 Online/Hybrid (1.0)- Focuses on American History viewed in the scope of world events, such as Women's Roles in American History, Social and Economic changes, as well as the growth of the Nation.  This is an online course of long-term projects.  


    Junior Year

    ·         AP U.S. History (1.0)- Focuses on the themes of American History, from the Revolution through present day.  *Mrs. Ellis

    ·         AP Language & Composition (1.0)- Focuses on how literature is composed, using early American literature such as The Scarlett Letter and The Crucible. *Mrs. Wallach


    Senior Year

    ·         AP U.S. Government (.5)- Focuses on the branches of the U.S. government and how they shape policies and structures within the U.S. *Mr. Weyker

    ·         AP Economics (.5)- Focuses on the development of economic theories as well as market history.  *Mr. Weyker

    ·         AP Literature & Composition (1.0)- Focuses on literature from American Poets to contemporary pieces.  *Mrs. Simon Teacher Bio Page

    ·         US 4 Internship (1.0)-Year-long internship in which the student chooses a subject/employer they want to explore further and set personal and empoloyer goals that connect with civic duty, history, or career-oriented skills.  *


    If you would like to apply for the Academy of Civic Engagement and Advanced Studies, please fill out an application and answer the short answer questions and how you plan to be involved in the school and community as part of the Academy.
     Download the Application here: Application for 2023-2024
    Download the Short Answer Questions here: Short Answer Questions for Application
    Community Service Forms:  Community Service Form