Mrs. Martinez

Phone: 623-445-7401 Mon./Tues./Fri. 623-4457484 Wed./Thurs.


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Special Education B.S. Elementary Education

Mrs. Martinez



I will continue to be the Special Education Strategist on this wonderful campus.   My days on this campus will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays.  I will get back to you in two business days.  I love working with all of the families with students receiving support through Special Education.  


Everyone can learn, but how they learn may look different.  We all have gifts that add to our community, and I am passionate about each student using their gifts while at school.  I believe that hard work will always pay off, and that fails are just practice for future success.  I encourage my students to try and learn from every moment.  Each year in school requires a new level of responsibility. There are things that we can do now to make that journey smoother for these students.  Together, you and the rest of the IEP team can help them, but it is an everyday choice by the student to reach for their goals.  I am a passionate partner in this journey with you and your child.  Thank you for your support and participation in this school year.


About Me

My family and I reside in Anthem.  We can be found at the baseball fields, AZ Diamondback games, various community theaters, and at home enjoying all of our animals. I love all things Broadway and have had the opportunity to act in many community shows.   I love rainbows because they match my outlook on life. The colors represent all types of personalities, gifts, and opinions. All colors are needed to make the most beautiful rainbow.

Kids: 19, 15, and 12.

Hometown: Right here in Phoenix except for 8 years back in Tennessee.

Animals: 3 dogs, 3 cats, 1 parrot, and 1 fish.

Favorite Saying: OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE:  it is all perception.


I look forward to creating a relationship with you and your child as we go through the year 


Our Vision is to lay the learning foundation for a rapidly changing future. We will use a global perspective to think critically, collaborate and solve problems affecting our world.