The mission of the Paseo Hills Library Staff is to work collaboratively with teachers and students to support academics, to promote reading for pleasure and information, and to prepare our community of learners with the life-long skills necessary to be competent, critical, ethical, and independent seekers and users of information.
  • It's National Poetry Month!  Take the time to check out some poetry and enliven your soul.


    The library is dangerous—
    Don’t go in. If you do
    You know what will happen.
    It’s like a pet store or a bakery—
    Every single time you’ll come out of there
    Holding something in your arms.

    "Don't Go Into the Library" by Alberto Ríos, poet laureate of Arizona

  • Thanks to all of you for making the Dino-Mite Book Fair a gigantasaurus success!


    Flying pteradactyl logo

  • Would You Like to donate books to the Paseo Hills Library?
    Students would love the following sets: 
    Basketball teams
    Baseball teams
    Soccer teams
    Hockey teams
    Zoobooks (all animals)
    Disney Books
    State books (K-3 level)
    Ames How to Draw books
    Princess books
    Barbie books
    Graphic novels
    Planet books