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    Dear Parents and Students:
        Welcome back to school, and we hope you're ready for a new adventure in third grade! 
       This school year, we look forward to seeing your child grow both academically and socially...as WE work together (child, parent, and teacher.)We call this "Doing Your Third!" which means that everybody does their part in order to achieve student success. 
      We hope your child is ready to take the next step in their learning, as they prepare for the intermediate grades. Third grade is a transitional year in reading, as children go from "Learning to Read" in K-2 to "Reading to Learn" in grade three and up.  Plus, this will be their first year in taking the AzMerit State Test.  No worries...as long as everybody is doing their part, your child will rock this test! 
       Please take a moment to explore the team's website and get to know your child's teacher by viewing their site as well. Once again, we look forward to a fun and successful school year!
    The Third Grade Team
    (Ms. Erickson,  Ms. Lawson, Mr. Nichols, & Mrs. Costello)
                                            barbara          bridget      philip      Costello