• Happy Monday:

    It was nice to interact with some of you last week as I experimented with online classes, but to be honest, I wanted to get you guys in class again.  However, public health takes precedence over having class,  and we'll see one another again in the near future.  I hope you're all healthy, and I know at times days off can get a little boring (as we are accustomed to routines.) So, I wanted to provide opportunities for you to continue learning...even if it's online. 

    I set up a Google Classroom for each class hour. Please follow the directions below:

    1. Students will need to log into their Google Account. 
    2. Select "Classroom" from the menu (the menu looks like small squares in the upper right hand corner.)
    3. Click the plus sign (+) to join a class.
    4. You will need a code. Each class hour has it's own code, so please select the correct one.

    Hour 1 =6425kmp      Hour 2 = 57mczmk    

    Hour 4 =72hpkgk        Hour 5 = dsttcnp


  • A thought from Mr. LeBlond

    I have enjoyed the past 19 years teaching many subjects and grade levels in Deer Valley, and look forward to working with the new sixth graders of Las Brisas. These days, when I am not involved with the classroom, you may find me coaching cross country (or track) athletes at practice or at a meet. At first glance, the parallels between coaching runners or working with math students may not be obvious. For me though, it is inspiring to watch students, or runners, work hard in class or on the track, and learn something new and set personal records. In other words, I believe that hard work can have its rewards, and being “smart” or “strong” is not a label one is born with, but is something that comes with effort and experience.