• What is Pathways?
    In partnership with West-MEC, Boulder Creek High School is preparing all students to be college & career ready by providing Pathways Sessions. Each session has been custom designed for Boulder Creek students and are delivered in partnership with Boulder Creek’s guidance counseling services. Through the Pathways Sessions, students are guided through the process of self-exploration, career path investigation, setting future goals, making post high school plans and developing a well-defined career focus and plan prior to graduation.
    How is Pathways implemented?
    Pathways sessions are held during the school day using Boulder Creek's alternative schedule and include student self-exploration and their careers, general graduation and post-graduation topics. These sessions are one way Boulder Creek helps students with the Arizona Department of Education’s graduation required Educational and Career Action Plan (ECAP) which reflects a student’s current coursework, career aspirations, and extended learning opportunities for developing the student’s individual academic and career goals. 

    Boulder Creek teachers work with grade-level groups of students as a guide through the Pathways sessions. This teacher is listed on each students’ schedules and titled “Pathways”. On a quarterly basis, BCHS will follow the alternative bell schedule for students to meet with their Pathways teacher. During their Pathways session, students will participate in variety of activities designed specifically for their grade level as their Pathways teacher guides them through the process of understanding self, honing skills to make them successful at Boulder Creek, and planning for their futures. 

    When are the Pathways Sessions?
    2014-2015 Career Pathways Sessions are held during the school day using Boulder Creek's alternative schedule on the following Thursdays: September 4 / November 6 / April 16
    How can I do more with Pathways?
    • Talk as a family about Pathways and plans for after high school.
    • Log in to students’ AZCIS account and explore the tools together. 
    • Visit the BCHS Counseling website to learn more about the ECAP graduation requirement.
    • Review the handouts provided in Pathways sessions and utilize the resources provided.
    Working together now and discussing the Pathways program will improve the journey of developing a well-defined career focus and plan for life after high school.