• rr       Roadrunners RULE! Tickets

    Purpose:  To promote positive school climate and increase pro-social school behaviors in students throughout the school day and setting. 

    Who: All Mirage students PreK – 6th Grade will be given an opportunity to participate in the program.  All staff have access to RULE! tickets and randomly give tickets to students when they are observed to demonstrate:

    R especting others           
    U sing kind words/actions           
    L earning by taking risks            
    E ngaging in safe activities

    What: Staff will complete ticket and give to student.  Student will place ticket in classroom basket. All class tickets will be taken to the grade level bins located in the library, on Thursdays, by 3pm.

    When:  Tickets can be given to any student by any staff member; students can give staff members RULE! Tickets as well. Weekly, monthly, quarterly drawings will be held during Friday morning announcements and spirit assemblies.

    Prizes:  Prizes will be drawn every Friday, the last day of the month, and the last day of quarter.  Drawings will take place during Friday morning announcements or spirit assemblies.


    *A carbon copy of the ticket will be sent home for families to celebrate good choices.

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