• Mr. Stephens 

    Room 609



    7th Grade Social Studies

    This year in Mr. Stephens' Social Studies course, all class and homework assignments will be on the white board in the classroom. Students will be given advanced notification of any tests or large quizzes. Students will be responsible for writing down these assignments during the allotted time during their class period. 
    Online Learning:
    For online learning we will be using Canvas for assignments and Zoom for in person meeting. Parents, I want you involved and following are links to help you understand Canvas and setting you uo as an observer for your child. 
    Here is how to set up as an observer
    Here is a link to help with Zoom
    Online Schedule for Hillcrest
    Class Schedule
    Period Times Class Name
    1st  8:20-9:12  
    2nd 9:16 - 10:08  
    3rd 10:12-11:04  
      4th 11:08-1:08  
      1st lunch 11:08-11:38  
      2nd Lunch 11:38-12:08  
      3rd Lunch 12:08-12:38  
      4th Lunch 12:38-1:08  
      5th 1:12 - 2:04  
       6th       2:08-3:00