• HELLO!  Let me first say that I miss my artist friends! I know this is an uncertain time and I am so happy that art can be such a calming thing for you and I do still be able to do.


    Image may contain: 15 people, including Carrie Finch, Lindsay Lohnhardt, Emily Knight, Kelly Moore and Nicholas Martin


    Don't worry if you dont have all the supplies you may see, some days we won't need any supplies at all!


    Feel free to send me photos of your creations at Kelly.Moore@dvusd.org, or visit our instagram (link on the left).


  • I see some of us were having some trouble with the links provided. Starting next week, each grade level will have their own assignment. You can always change or modify the lesson. For example, choose a different animal or change the number of required things.


    For Thursday, April 9th, Your assignment is to make your name as fancy as you can. You can add swirls, cool lasers coming off of it, things you like or ways we know it is you.

    Try to make your name as big as your paper. If you have a long name, you could simply do the first letter. Make sure it is  a CAPITAL letter.   Below are some examples.

    Kelly    em       k