• Bio 160 (College Anatomy) and Anatomy Gen. Ed.


    Instructor:  Mrs. Vanessa Montgomery (lecture and lab instructor)

    Voice Mail: (623) 445-8741, RIO number (480) 517-8080

    Office Hours:  Mon, Tues., 2:15 pm to 3:15 pm

    Missed work is available in your student personal folder (green folder, your name on it, in your class period crate) and on CANVAS (http:://dvusd.instructure.com).

    Late Work:  There is no late work accepted in this college course.  Work is due the day assigned.

    Redos:  There is no exam, practical, lab, etc. “redos” accepted in this college course.

    Class Schedule
    Class Name
    7:40-8:35 Bio 160 Period 1
    2nd 8:40-9:40
    Bio 160 Period 2
    3rd 9:45-10:40 Bio 160 Period 3
    4th 10:40-11:10 Lunch
    Class description Bio 160:  

    Bio 160 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology (college anatomy course) involving principles of scientific method, structural organization, homeostasis and control mechanisms of the body, and specific chemistry concepts. Structure and functions of the 11 major systems of the human body covered. Prerequisites: None.  Year-long course.  4 lab credits.

    5th 11:15-12:10 Bio 160 Period 5
    Class description Anatomy:
    This junior level science course will deal specifically with the anatomy and physiology of the 11 major body systems.  Lecture, class activities, and labs will cover anatomy (structure) and physiology (function).  One long-term project (100-200 pts.) is planned for each semester.  Students will retain all course papers in the event of a semester notebook project.  State Standards are available at http://eschool.dvusd.org.  Semester grade of 80% consists of 15% classwork, 25% labs, and 40% tests.  Final Written (5% of semester grade) and Final Multiple Choice (15% of semester grade) Final Exams are the last week of school for each semester. Dissection is required.  

    1:15-2:10 Anatomy Gen Ed