• Standards Reporting Report Card Overview

    Over the past few years, teachers and curriculum specialists have improved Deer Valley’s report cards in order to provide parents with more detailed information about their child’s performance. Since the 2014-15 school year, all kindergarten through 6th grade teachers have used the standards reporting report card. Students will still receive letter grades in all content areas but the report card will now provide a breakdown of content standards and expectations for each of the major academic areas. This will allow teachers to communicate individual performance on the grade level standards. Parents will benefit from a detailed outline of what their child should know and be able to do. The breakdown will tell parents in which areas their student needs extra practice. Additionally, parents will see which standards their child is learning each quarter.

    In addition to an overall letter grade for mathematics, reading, writing, science and social studies, parents will see performance levels for each standard assessed during each grading period. Performance levels include:

    • 4 Demonstrates above grade level proficiency independently
    • 3 Demonstrates grade level proficiency independently
    • 2 Demonstrates grade level proficiency with support
    • 1 Demonstrates below grade level proficiency with support

    Deer Valley parents have easy, ongoing online access to their student’s grade book through PowerSchool. Parents are encouraged to stay up to date on their child’s academic progress.

    More information about grading and reporting can be found in the DVUSD Promotion, Retention, and Grading (PRAG) Handbook.