Thank you to all who attended the Career Day!

    May 11 Home Learning Plan

    The District is providing daily information at the following link: Covid19 Updates


     Week at a Glance: Evidence: Happiness Draft or Script


    You will take all of your evidence from the last few weeks and create a News Editorial Draft or a Script for a Video or Podcast. 

    All work for this week needs to be done by Saturday, May 16 noon so I can review and give you feedback. Remember to spell my name correctly when you share your Google Doc.

    There is no Commonlit or Discussion Board this week unless you have not completed these assignments, previously.


    Zoom Office Hours - "Do I have to?" asked the 7th grader.  "Please, come, it's important!" replied Mrs. Sprague!

    We Zoom two times in the week and it is highly encouraged for you to attend each of the sessions. I also suggest that you review the assignments on Canvas before the Zoom sessions! I will be giving oral instructions, pointers on how to complete assignments, and answering questions.

    Monday and Wednesday - 3rd Hour 8:30 am and 6th Hour 9:00 am

    Tuesday and Thursdays - 2nd Hour 8:00 am and 4th Hour 8:30 am


    Updates and Information

    Team Awesome will send home updates and information no later than Friday afternoon. 

    All ELA work will be available by 8 am Monday morning of each week.

    Assignment Expectations, Workload time, and Grades

    Please remember that you are required to participate in all assignments from now until the end of the school year. All assignments will be graded with feedback - specifics to follow on each assignment. Late assignments will be accepted but feedback will be limited.

    Assignments are set up in:

    Day One and Day Two 

    Each day should take no more than one hour.


    Remember to email me with your questions; I will get back to you with answers or a time when we can Zoom for more details. 

    Specials Information:

    Mrs.Young-Art Home Learning Information

    Mr. Taylor-7/8 Home Learning

    Coach W.-P.E.


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