• 2019-2020

    Welcome to Third Grade!  This school year your student becomes more independent on their learning journey.  While we begin the school year, it is important for you and your student to build positive homework routines and a greater understanding of personal organization in order to be more academically responsible.  Therefore, to promote their success we recommend a good night time and morning routine as well as having your student to school on-time and regularly present.  We believe that this will allow your student the opportunity for the greatest success.  In third grade, your student will have information on the weekly focus skill and parents will know quarterly the content area focus.  A homework routine should not be stressful.  Please communicate with your students teacher if you need guidance.  Homework expectations and grading is listed below.   



    Homework is a very important part of school.  It gives the children a chance to practice what they learned from class the same day while building a strong understanding for that content area.  Research shows students with active home-to-school supportive environments have a positive impact on a child’s success at school.  Parent involvement to establish a consistent routine along with offering positive feed-back promotes higher student acheivement.  To help ensure that your child gets the best education possible, we ask all of our student’s parents to become actively involved with their child’s education.

    The students have a Homework Folder and Planner that will go home daily.  STUDENTS NEED TO BRING THIS FOLDER TO AND FROM SCHOOL DAILY!!  This homework folder will include the day’s homework along with any other school notes or hand outs.  Your child’s planner is very important.  They are learning to plan, organize and be responsible for themselves.  Please help them by asking questions about their day, homework, and support them in any way you feel; including communicating with your students teacher.  

    Third grade homework expectation: 

    Math Homework Nightly - Problem sets & sometimes extra work or finishing of sprints, or pattern sheets. ~ Verify this by looking at your students planner

    Reading Homework Nightly - 20 minutes reading aloud to an adult (parent log to sign), Fluency/Comprehension Fresh Reads (Weekly routine/record words read correctly x 3) ~ Verify this by looking at your students planner. 

    Weekly Language/Phonics Focus Skill - Practice language/spelling/phonics to build their reading language lexicon.  This could include 3rd grade sight words, academic area tier 2 words (within mathematic, science, social studies, and/or challenge words from class). 


    Students that do not turn in homework on-time may require parent/teacher meetings to determine the best course of action for the student.  Consequences could include, extra class work time, recess break, or morning reflection due to repeated missing homework. 


    On the return from an absence, students are given all their absent work.  It then becomes their responsibility to do the work and to return it to the teacher based on days missed.  Any work not made up becomes a zero and a students grade could be affected.  

    *High frequency of Lateness/Absences impact a students success in curriculum.  These cause breaks in teaching/learning opportunities.  Students will NOT be re-taught.  This creates wholes in foundation skills.  Please communicate with your students teacher regarding the absences to help support gaps in learning.  Excessive absences could lead to additioanl intervention requirements at home and school.    


    In third grade, students will attain letter grades based on percentage points.

    Grade Percentage Range A: 100-90, B: 89-80, C: 79-70, D: 69-60, F: 59-Below. 

    Grades will present as percentages with Assessments and Quizzes, and points based accuacy and effort for classwork, projects, and homework. 

    Assessments:  35%

    Quizzes: 25% 

    Projects: 20%

    Class Work: 15% 

    Homwork: 5%