• 2017-2018


    Homework is a very important part of school.  It gives the children a chance to practice what they are learning while becoming more responsible.  Studies consistently demonstrate the positive impact home support has on a child’s success at school.  To help ensure that your child gets the best education possible, I ask all of my student’s parents to become actively involved with their child’s education.

    The students have a Homework Folder that will go home daily and is to be brought back to school every morning. STUDENTS NEED TO BRING THIS FOLDER TO AND FROM SCHOOL DAILY!!  This homework folder will include the day’s homework any other school notes or hand outs.  

    Your child’s agenda is very important.  This is part of your child’s homework.  They are learning to plan, organize and be responsible for themselves.  Please help them by signing their agenda each night.  Initials are fine.

    Students will have homework every night.  Students are also responsible to read for twenty minutes each night and record reading on the monthly booklog.  Homework is to be returned to school the following day after being assigned.

    Study for quizzes and tests. Friday morning is our weekly assessment/test time.  Please be sure students are on time and present so that they do not miss important tests.    Practice what you are learning.  Study your math facts.  Generally, homework should take 30-60 minutes each night, Monday through Thursday.  It would be terrific if you could designate time for quiet reading each night as well. 

    Homework should not be stressful.  If your child is having problems completing homework please let me know we may want to modify work done at home, this would be on a case by case basis.


    Students that do not bring in homework will have to complete it at recess.


    On the return of an absence, students are given all their absent work.  They are verbally reminded they need to make up their work.  It then becomes their responsibility to do the work and return it to me.  Any work not made up becomes a zero.  Two days are given for each day absent depending on each individual circumstance.


    Homework: Is worth 40% of a subject grade.

    Tests: Are worth 60% of a subject grade.