I Learn
  • Class Description:  This class emphasizes the fundamental language skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, thinking, viewing and presenting. An emphasis on vocabulary and grammatical sophistication will be an on-going part of the curriculum. We will be studying various literary genres: short story, poetry, novel, drama, and non-fiction. The development of critical reading and writing skills is a major emphasis of the class.

    By the end of 7th Grade English Language Arts you will:

    • improve and expand your vocabulary
    • understand and identify the eight parts of speech
    • parse and create a simple, compound, and complex sentence
    • write an organized and developed answer (20-30 words) in response to a question.
    • write a 500-750+ word essay with citations in MLA format
    • have strategies for expanding your writing
    • memorize, identify and employ 40 elements of literature terms
    • recognize, recite, and create several forms of poetry
    • read at least 4 novels
    • read a variety of genres and diverse cultural texts
    • identify the reliability of the author on a variety of texts