Career Explorations



    Course Description:

    Career Labs provides hands-on experience doing tasks common to Health Science and Stem careers.  The career modules expose the students to real technologies, actual problems, applied academics and teamwork.  
    Health Science Careers:
    Emergency Medical Technician
    Medical Imaging
    Sports Medicine
    Veterinary Medicine
    STEM Careers:
    Audio Communication
    Computer Graphics and Animation
    Digital Manufacturing
    Digital Music
    Forensic Science
    Video Production
    Virtual Architecture
    Class Schedule




    8:15- 9:08

    Class Name

    Career Labs

    2nd      9:11-10:04 Career Labs
    3rd 10:07-11:00 Career Labs
    4th 11:03-11:39  Career Labs
    5th 11:42-1:08 Career Labs
      6th 1:11-2:04  Prep
      7th 2:07 - 3:00  Career Labs