• Welcome to Middle School Science! 
    Arizona has adopted NEW Science Standards:

    Course Information -This year we are introducing New AZ Science Standards that focuses on Disciplinary Core Ideas 

    • Physical Science 
    • Life Science
    • Earth and Space Science

    The approach used is 3 Dimensional learning. This  involves integrating the Disciplinary Core Ideas with:

    Science and Engineering Practices (SEP )- Asking questions and defining problems,  Developing and using models, Planning and carrying out investigations, Analyzing and interpreting data, Using mathematics and computational thinking, Constructing explanations and designing solutions, Engaging in argument from evidence and Obtaining,  evaluating and communicating information

    Cross Cutting  Concepts (CCC) -Cause and Effect , Patterns , Energy and Matter,  Proportion, Quantity and Scale , Stability and Change , System and System Models, Structure and Function

    Overall Expectations:

    • identifying standards or objectives and connect to unit overarching goal.
    • using data from observations to construct evidence based account for natural phenomena 
    • constructing explanations using multiple sources of evidence
    • Identifying patterns in data sets and using mathematical  concepts to support explanations and arguments
    • analyzing observations to distinguish cause and effect
    • conducting investigations with multiple controlled variables and considering the accuracy of data with multiple trials

     Seventh Grade Curriculum:

    Quarter 1 CellsCells- Plant and Animal, Tissues, Organs, Organ systems, Effect of external factors on internal stability and photosynthesis.

    Qurter 2: Force and MotionElectromagnetic forces, Gravitational Force, Newtons Laws of Motion

    Quarter 3:Energy spheresThe interaction of Geosphere, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere on the Biosphere and  Weather Prediction

    Quarter 4: History of EarthDistribution of fossils and rocks, continental shapes, and seafloor structures, evidence of the past plate motions.



    Eighth Grade Curriculum:

    Topics include: