Welcome to 6th Grade!

  • 6th Grade  As a sixth grade team, we strive to develop each student academically, emotionally, and socially. Our classroom rules and expectations align with district and school regulations, focusing on creating a safe, responsible, and respectful environment. We believe that all students belong at school and feel safe throughout the day. Bullying, gossiping, and disrespectful behavior will result in stepped consequences. Students will be required to maintain a daily agenda which assists them with learning to be responsible outside of the regular classroom. We also believe that students should have daily practice, which may include, but not limited to homework, project-based learning, reading or math. This helps students learn to plan their time, prioritize activities, and be responsible young people. As a team, our goal aligns with the school and district mission, ensuring that all students are successful.
    Supplemental school supply list for 6th grade