The Brody Bunch

    Hi! Welcome to the Brody Bunch! 
    A few things to remember that do not change:
    *Organizers, we fill these out daily and they list daily homework.  Organizers should be checked daily because they not only list homework, but they also list our daily color on the behavior chart. 
    *Spelling and reading passages come home for practice weekly.  They come in 6 day cycles so the due date changes each week.  Watch the spelling packets for due dates. 
    *Math homework is due the day after it is given.  I usually choose a couple of home practice problems.  Math homework grades are based on returning these to me each week.  
    *My grade book is usually current and may be checked any time online through Powerschools.  
    *Every day students may check out a Monster Reader book.  This is to support nightly home reading.  All home reading must be recorded and turned in on a monthly reading log.  
    Class Schedule
    Period Times Class Name
    1st      8:45- 9:00 SEL class meeting, attendance, and announcements.
    2nd  9:00-10:10  Math Tier 1 and 2 block
    3rd  10:10-10:50 RTI~ Tier 2 small groups
    4th  10:50- 11:25  Recess/Lunch
      5th  11:25- 1:15   ELA/Tier 2 small groups reading/Writing
      6th  1:15-2:05
     Social Studies/ Science
      7th  2:05- 2:20  Afternoon recess
      8th  2:20-2:40  Pack up, finish SEL
      9th  2:45-3:30


    Week 1: Music

    Week 2: Technology

    Week 3: PE

    Week 4: Art



    Welcome to Brody’s Business January 18, 2022

    • This week’s SEL motto: I make enough work for work, sleep and free time.  This week we will talk about finding balance in our lives.     


    If you have not sent in your report card envelope or reading papers, please send them ASAP!!! I will send out email this week to remind you if I do not have yours.  Thanks!


    The new Spelling homework and is due January 21st.!  Don’t forget the reading passage is part of the required reading homework. Some students will be coming home with 2 passages, one at a 2nd grade level and one at a 3rd grade level.  If you child comes home with 2 passages, please read both with them.  I want to be sure that I am challenging all students in my room.  If you have two passages, and have questions, please reach out to me.



    Curriculum Night will be on Thursday, January 27th.  It will be via zoom and a link will sent out later, closer to the date.  We will be going over the curriculum expectations for the second part of the school year.

    I will send out the zoom link to you next week when it is closer to the date!


    Do not forget our new class shirt day is FRIDAY!! There have been very few kids wearing their shirts on Friday!!! Let’s show our Brody Bunch Pride on Fridays!


    Parents, be sure that you are checking your child’s organizer daily.  We fill this out with our daily homework and share the color of our behavior chart.  This will help you to know what day our spelling is due and our daily math homework.  Thank you for checking this daily. 


    I hope this covers everything. 

    If you have any questions, as always reach out to me.


    With Joy~

    Christine Brody