•  Mrs. Diaz's ELA Class


    Mrs. Diaz's ELA Class     

    Title: Explorer Projects and Figurative Language

    September 14-October 3


    For the next few weeks we will be working on Explorer Project research and Figurative Language.  The project will be worked on in class and at home. The final projects will be due on Oct. 1 for the written report and October 3 for the poster.  Important information will be sent out on Friday, September 14. This project will count for Reading and Social Studies grades.  In addition to this project, we will be studying Figurative Language.  Students will bring journals, worksheets and flashcards back and forth between school and home.  There will be a unit test on figurative language on a date to be announced. This is a Reading grade.



    I can:  understand figurative language in context including similes and metaphors, recognize and explain the meaning of common idioms and proverbs, and use the relationship between particular words to better understand what I read.  I can.....Conduct short research projects that use severalsources to build knowledge through investigation of different aspects of a topic, gather relevant information from print and digital sources; summarize or paraphrase information in notes and finished work, and provide a list of sources.  

    DATES TO REMEMBER: 9/17 Report Agreement Due; 9/20 Notecards Due; 9/25 Rough Draft Due; 10/1 Report Due; 10/3 Poster due.  

    Class Schedule
    Period Times Class Name
    1st       8:45-10:00 Reading
    2nd 10:00-11:00
    3rd 11:00-11:45  Special
    4th 11:45-12:30
    5th 12:30-1:10