Welcome to Home Learning!
    Deer Valley Unified School District's philosophy for a successful home learning implementation focuses on student connectionequity, and a smooth and simple transition so that every student can achieve learning success and maintain social and emotional well-being.


    I hope everyone is starting to get comfortable with navigating through the different platforms for home learning. We are going to finish the school year with some new learning that will be taking place. My role is to continue to support students with online assignments as well as provide specially designed instruction for those students with IEP goals. Students and parents should continue to check email for information regarding services. An email was sent to those families that require specially designed instruction with a schedule of when the services will take place. The email also contains the link for Zoom where I will be conducting these meetings. I will continue to have virtual office hours Monday - Thursday from 10:00-10:30 or by appointment and Friday by appointment only. As always, you can reach me by email at nicole.lloyd@dvusd.org. I am also providing a link with the virtual class meetings for all classes in 7th and 8th grade. Happy home learning!