October Nichols    Swannie   Dominguez    Hatcher
    Winner: Cody                  Winner: Haley                 Winner: Dexter                Winner: Grace
    Runner Up: Nicholas      Runner Up: Jaden          Runner Up: Emma          Runner Up: Sophie


    FUN RUN: Friday, November 9th 10:15


    Virtual Curriculum Power Point: Parents please click on the Slide Show tab at the top and click “Play from Beginning”.  This will put it in full screen mode and each time you click enter to advance to the next slide, the audio should play automatically.  The audio will not play if you skip this step.

    4th Grade Curriculum Power Point



    Student Planner to list the following:* I can statements - This is the objective for each class.

    * Homework - This will be labeled HW and homework will be in Reading/Math daily except for Fridays. Students will list their
    homework in the "other" section of the student planner.

    * Communication - We will write a note in your student's planner to communicate behavior concerns. 
                                 Parent will need to sign the planner, stating they have read the note.

    It is your child's responsibility to make sure they have their homework before they leave the classroom.