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    Dear Kindergarten Parents,
    We are very excited that you and your family chose Deer Valley School
    district and welcome you to the Stetson Hills Family. This year as your child enters
    kindergarten, they will not only learn how to read books, write sentences, solve
    equations in many different ways, but will learn the process of goal setting and
    striving to reach success. The Kindergarten Team is dedicated to meet the
    individual needs of all learners and will show all students how to challenge
    themselves along the way. We work very closely together as a team and use a
    large amount of technology within the classroom to enhance learning. We as
    teachers have a passion for the craft, but most of all want your children to have a
    fun and exciting first year. Your Kindergarten teachers are Mrs. Scheffler,
    Mrs. Bautista, Mrs. Armentrout and Mrs. Miller.  We look forward to creating little
    lifetime learners with you.
    The Stetson Hills Kindergarten Team