• See everyone Tuesday July 30th for back to school night!

  • Mills Science 8

    Welcome to Science 8 hosted by Mrs. Mills!
    Great adventures with great minds await as we embark on our 180 day journey to Explore and Explain the Universe and our place in it! First, we will explore the time of the Dinosaurs discovering how we know about them and their fate. Then we will explore extinct civilizations, uncovering hypotheses about their disappearance including natural disasters. Using this knowledge, we will see how the sciences of agriculture, metallurgy and energy have shaped modern civilization and how we are still battling the forces that caused the downfall of those civilizations long ago. Lastly, we will decided if colonization of Mars is necessary and whether or not it is even possible. 
    I have a plethora of activities and materials that will make learning easy and fun. There are even some special guests that will join us throughout the year!
    Students will need just a couple of things for ONLINE LEARNING each day....
    • Charged device
    • Mind ready to learn
    • Pencil or pen
    • Headphones with a standard jack to plug into chromebooks
    Bonus items depending on type of projects chosen (always options for paperless completion and submission)
    • colored pencils
    • skinny markers
    • glue stick or tape
    • highlighter
    • calculator