One semester of health is a required class to graduate in the Deer Valley Unified School District.             

    The health class will cover the overall wellness of the student including:  Stress, Drugs, CPR, Anatomy and Diseases.
     Tutoring Hours: T/Th  7:00-7:30
    Class Schedule A
    Period  Times Class Name
    1st       7:35-9:35 Power Training
    3rd 9:40 - 11:45  Health
    lunch 11:45 - 12:15  
    6th  12:20 - 2:17 Prep
    Class Schedule B    
     Canvas Link: https://dvusd.instructure.com/  2nd 7:35-9:35 Health
      4th 9:40 - 11:40 Health
      Lunch 11:45 -12:15  
      7th  12:15 - 2:17 Power Training
       Power Training 
       This class is to prepare the students for advanced athletic competition with a baseball specific
     emphasis.  Athletes will use a wide variety of exercises and fundamental drills to improve themselves.