•  Theater Arts Classes


    Theater 1-2: This is an introductory class to learn the basics of acting and design. Students will collaborate to perform pieces of scripts and explore basic acting techniques and terms. To close out the year, students put together a children's theater piece which is performed for a live audience!

    Theater 3-4:  In this course, students will analyze the text in order to create honest characters on stage. Students will learn the Stanislavki technique and perform in our Play-writing Competition.
    Theater 5-6: This course explores multiple acting techniques, directing, play-writing and tours a children's show to our elementary schools.  
    Advanced Performance: The content of this class focusses on formal performances in front of an audience. 
    Class Schedule
    Period Times Class Name
    1st       7:35-8:32 Theater 5-6
    2nd 8:37-9:39  Advanced Performance
    3rd 9:44-10:41  Theater 1-2
    4th 10:46-11:43 Theater 3-4
      6th 12:18-1:15  Prep
      7th 1:20-2:17  Theater 1-2