•  Financial Math/College Math

    Course Description

    This course will encompass a lot of material in a fun way with lots of discussion posts, projects, and real-life examples. Each unit will provide YOU with the tools needed to rent/buy a home, compare insurance, save for college or other major purchases, stay out of debt, and most importantly SAVE YOUR MONEY!


    Course Objectives

    • Discuss how to create a budget and develop a savings plan.
    • Investigate tax guidelines and insurance plans.
    • Research the history of financial institutions and banking and how this applies to us today.
    • Apply strategies for investing and planning for retirement.


    Period Times Class Name
    1st       7:35 - 8:32   Financial Math/College Math
    2nd 8:37 - 9:39 Team Teach College Alg/Prob & Stat.
    3rd 9:44 - 10:41  Team Teach College Alg/Prob & Stat.

    10:46 - 11:43 



    Team Teach College Math/Financial 


      6th 12:18 - 1:15  PREP
      7th 1:20 - 2:17 Team Teach Algebra 3-4