•  Financial Math/College Math

     Course Description

     College Math

    This course provides an overview of the following concepts: set theory, algebra, geometry, logic, probability/statistics, and finances to name a few. 

    Course Objectives:

    Discuss and use set-theoretic techniques (operations, Venn diagrams, etc)
    Solve problems in combinations (permutations and combinations, etc)
    Perform operations with relations and functions (congruence, methods, induction, recursion, and more)
    Apply geometric and financial principles to real-life scenarios

     Financial Math 

    This course will encompass a lot of materials in a fun way with lots of discussion posts, projects, and real-life examples. Each unit will provide YOU with the tools needed to rent/buy a home, compare insurance, save for college or other major purchases, stay out of debt and most importantly SAVE YOUR MONEY!

    Course Objectives:

    Discuss how to create a budget and develop a savings plan.
    Investigate tax guidelines and insurance plans.
    Research the history of financial institutions and banking and how this applies to us today.
    Apply strategies for investing and planning for retirement.


    My Schedule:

    7:30-8:27 - Team Teach College Algebra/Probability and Statistics

    8:32 - 9:34 - Team Teach Algebra 3 - 4

    9:39 - 10:36 - College Math/ Financial Math

    10:36 - 11:38 - Team Teach College Algebra/Probability & Statistics


    12:13 - 1:10 - PREP

    1:15 - 2:12 - Off Campus

    E-mail: stephanie.lord@dvusd.org