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    The mission of Sandra Day O’Connor High School is to empower students to learn, lead, and contribute. 
    The vision for Sandra Day O'Connor High School is one of high academic achievement for all students within a safe learning environment. 

    Our Physical Education Program is to educate all students to their highest level of academic and wellness potential .  We strive to uphold a safe learning environment to teach/challenge the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure the opportunity of a physically active lifestyle. 

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    Class Schedule

    Period Times   Class Name
    1st    7:30 - 8:27   Team Sports

    8:32- 9:34


    Team Sports
    3rd -   9:39 - 10:36   Team Sports
    4th -   10:36-11:06      Lunch
    Office Hours: Tues/Weds @ 7:00-7:30
    5th - 


      Team Sports


      Team Sports
    Expect the Best, Get the Best, Be the Best 7th Hour  1:15  - 2:12


    Power Training

    2022-23 Bell Schedule