• BIO160 & AP Biology

     AP Biology

    AP Biology is a rigorous and demanding course, which is the equivalent of an introductory college biology course.  Content will be covered in more depth and greater expectations will be placed on interpretation and analysis of information than previous biology courses.  In addition, statistical analysis of data and modeling of concepts will be expected.  A significant amount of studying must be completed at home to allow time for discussion, labs, and inquiry during class time. The College Board has redesigned the curriculum and although the amount of material has been reduced, the emphasis on scientific thinking and analytical thinking has increased.  The course will be structured differently this year due to the changes and to allow for more class time for labs and discussions.  The new AP Biology curriculum encompasses 4 ‘Big Ideas’, with Essential Knowledge and Process Skills that support each one. 

    This course is an introductory course of the human body.  The following topics will be covered: principles of scientific method, structural organization, homeostasis and control mechanisms of the body, specific chemistry concepts, structure and function of the major systems of the body.