• Beginning Ceramics 1-2           Teacher: Kent Younger

    Current Announcements : Students are currently designing and constructing Cultural Heritage Palettes. The palette will be functional and is a synthesis of their personal heritage along with their American intresta.

    Course Description: This course infuses art production, art history, art criticism and aesthetic critiques together as well as introduces the basic elements and principles of design related to ceramic work and production. The course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop art creation skills and broaden their range of experience in ceramic clay construction through hand building. Lessons are also linked to ELA common core standards and have reading and writing components embedded in the curriculum.

    Class Schedule
    Period Times Class Name
    1st      7:35 - 8:32 Ceramics 1-2
    2nd 8:37 - 9:39  Ceramics 1-2
    3rd 9:44 - 10:41  Ceramics 1-2
     Lunch  10:41-11:11 Lunch
    5th 11:16 - 12:13 Ceramics 1-2
      6th 12:18 - 1:15 Ceramics 1-2
      7th 1:20 - 2:17 Cleramics 1-2