School Breakfast Notes

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    Elementary - $1.50
    Reduced - $.30
    Adult - $ 2.00 
    Elementary - $2.80
    Reduced - $.40
    Adult - $ 3.75

     **Meal price increases are necessary so that the Food and Nutrition programs are able to continue to operate in a financially self-sufficient manner. The primary reasons for the price adjustments are increased food, labor, and benefit costs. The increase in the state's minimum wage rates have had a significant impact on labor costs. Lunch meal prices were last adjusted three years ago, when lunch prices increased 10 cents for elementary and 25 cents for high school and adult meals. Breakfast meal pricing has not increased since the 2011-2012 school year. Additionally, these pricing levels are sufficient to meet USDA Paid-Lunch-Equity and resource management requirements. 

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