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    Dear Students and Families,                          21-22 TOY photo    

    Welcome to the 2024-2025 school year! As one of your campus Reading Specialists, my goal is to provide reading support for students in need for grades K-3 through small group intervention at your student's appointed MTSS small group work time. I'm also the teacher for Elevate and Read 180, which are our reading support programs for students in grades 4-6.  Elevate is a pull-out program where students are working on mastering phonics skills and improving students' oral reading fluency. This class will be just for fourth grade, and it will be at the beginning of the day for 30 minutes.  Students will have small group instruction and independent work time to apply the skills they have been learning. Read 180 is focused more on helping students with their reading comprehension and learning new vocabulary words.  Read 180 takes place during students' MTSS time slot M-F. Students in Read 180 have 15 minutes of small group time with me as well as 15 minutes of software work time on the Read 180 Universal program. On Fridays, those students also have 15 minutes of independent reading with a book that is interesting to them and at their appropriate reading level.

    Additionally, I am also the Campus Intervention Coordinator. I watch our school-wide student data closely and work with our Guiding Coalition Team that consists of our administration and coaches, as well as our campus psychologist, to ensure that all of our students are receiving the appropriate interventions and support that they may need to fill their learning gaps and be on track.

    If you have any questions, please contact me via my email: diane.allen@dvusd.org.  All students that work with me always get an informational letter to take home to their parents/guardians that informs you of the support that your child is receiving and a parent's signature is required to show that you are aware of the extra reading instruction that your child is getting through these intervention groups and classes.

    Looking forward to a great new school year! 

    Diane Allen

    602-467-6395 (Village Meadows phone)