• Hello, everyone !!!

    I am so excited to introduce the return of cross country competition.  



    Cross country is the only sport open to all 4 of the upper grades (5th - 8th), and we typically have around 35 team members. It is a 'no-cut' sport, which

    means that any student who can attend the majority of our practices is considered on the team and eligible to participate in meets.


    Eligibility and Clearance

    The 2 primary components to making sure your runner is eligible and cleared to run are making sure Norterra Canyon is provided with a current physical 

    (within the last calendar year) and making sure your runner maintains acceptable scores in academics and citizenship.


    Some more details....

    • We will be trying to implement a hybrid combination of morning and afternoon practices.
    • Practices are scheduled to start on the afternoon of Monday, November 7th (from 3:15 – 4:00)
    • We will tentatively plan on having practices Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (with Monday being an afternoon practice and Tuesday/Thursday being morning practices…although this may change on a week-to-week basis due to special events and circumstances). Morning practices will start at 7:00 am.
    • As with most sports, there is a $60 athletic fee, but that will not be assessed immediately, since I am willing to give students a week or two of practices to determine whether the sport is for them or not.


    • Our 4 meets are currently scheduled to be on 12/7 (@ Canyon Springs), 1/11 (@ Desert Mountain), 1/17 (@ Union Park), and 1/25 (@ Terramar)


    • As usual (since the cross country team’s size of roughly 33 runners makes it very unlikely that every runner will be available to do every meet), runners only have to run in a minimum of 2 of the 4 meets in order to qualify for the end of season championships.
    • Meets will typically start around 4:00, and will almost see the 5th & 6th graders running first.
    • 5th & 6th graders run 1.2 miles in meets, and 7th & 8th graders run 1.5 miles in meets.
    • On days where runners may be absent from school, attending practices and meets is still an option.
    • *** With cross country being in the winter this year, buses would have created situations where runners arrive too late...since meets have to start ASAP and end ASAP due to the early darkness in December and January.
      As a result, of course, the meets will be parent drop-off and pick-up.


        For tons of helpful info on registering and the importance of getting a current physical for your athlete, please go to NC’s athletics page at https://www.dvusd.org/domain/445

    Some other things to know :

    - The sports are for NC students only of course, and will also be available to any potential DVOA students who are within the NC geographical boundary.

     And as always…if you have any questions about sports in general, please come see or email Mr. Harder (email is wesley.harder@dvusd.org)   JJJ