• Hello everyone !!                                                                                   (Updated as of 4-11-2021)

       I have an important new update on our next sport season !!  In case you haven't heard, baseball and softball are set to be the first "real sports' for this 20-21 school year. Instead of the "camps" we've been running so far this year due to COVID, baseball and softball are going to have just about everything a normal sports season has....uniforms, travel to other schools, umpires !!

     Some important points:

    - Practices will usually be every Mon - Thur (except on game days, of course), but AD Harder will send out eblasts every Sunday to make athletes/parents aware of special notes for that coming week's practice/game schedule. Practices are usually from 3:15 to at least 4:45 each day.


    If interested students don't have expensive cleets or a glove, please don't spend a lot of money on these items. A cheap glove (if possible), decent athletic shoes, and comfortable workout clothes are all that are needed. Students always have a better chance of making the team if they are able to attend BOTH days of tryouts.

    - Unfortunately, COVID concerns currently have us in a place where we are proabably going to be restricting fans from attending. We are however going to be trying to identify at least one parent per game that would be willing to come and Zoom the game for anyone interested in watching. We are hoping that this changes by the time the season starts, but I felt the need to prepare parents in case it doesn't.

    - Here is a "snapshot" of the game schedule:

                              Baseball                                                                           Softball                                                            

    April 21st = NC @ Sonoran Foothills                                                   Sonoran Foothills @ NC

    April 26th = NC @ Diamond Canyon                                                   Diamond Canyon @ NC

    April 28th = NC @ Stetson Hills                                                           Stetson Hills @ NC 


    May 5th = Gavilan Peak @ NC                                                              NC @ Gavilan Peak

    May 10th =  * NC has a bye                                                                    * NC has a bye

    May 12th =   *** One-game playoffs (opponents for each time will be based on seeding at end of regular season)


    - There will be NO fees for the sports....Yay !!

    I am still going to encourage families to get physicals done before any 4th quarter sportss, since physicals are always a good idea, and because this would allow students to have their physicals already in place for our Fall of 2021 athletics (since the physicals are usually good for a full calendar year)

    - To register your athlete, please visit the Register My Athlete (www.registermyathlete.com) site we now use for getting athlete's paperwork submitted. It is designed to be very user-friendly, but if you have any problems or questions, please email me at wesley.harder@dvusd.org 

    As always, I will fill you in on these items as we progress.


    - Remember that these actions are due to the decision by the DVUSD athletics division that bringing sports back for the fall of 2020 (cross country, cheer, boys/girls volleyball, and the initial phase of boys/girls basketball) would be impractical and potentially unsafe for many reasons. District athletics staff are currently attempting to develop a spring sports schedule (COVID status dependent) that would still allow for spring sports, including potentially sports like volleyball and basketball that will clearly be impacted by the cancellation of fall sports.

    - Great updates and information can always be found at the district athletics page at https://www.dvusd.org/Page/71208 and at https://www.dvusd.org/Page/43416.

    Thank you, and stay safe !!!  :)

    Wes Harder
    5th Grade ELA & Science Teacher
    Athletic Director/Softball Coach
    Robotics Club Lead
    Norterra Canyon Elementary (Room #703)