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    623-445-7890  Attendance Hotline - please call to report when your child is absent
    Welcome to Second Grade with Mrs. Caruso, Ms. Scragg, and Mrs. Troftgruben! 
    We are all excited to start a new school year!  There is so much to learn, so many new friends to make, and so much growing we have to do.  We teachers have high expectations for students' learning and positive behavior in and out of school, and we know you will live up to these expectations.
    Homework will start in a couple of weeks (see Homework page).  Homework is due on Fridays.  If you are absent on Friday, the Homework will be due the day you return to school.  Homework assignments will be the practicing of things we have already learned, so it should not be stressful to the students.  Homework will mostly consist of things students can do independently, but at times help from a parent or older sibling may be needed.  Reading daily and the practicing of addition/subtraction facts are two things that will help you be successful in school. 
    Please see the Daily Schedule page to see our academic schedule (see individual teacher's pages for specific Special Area class schedules).  PLEASE make attendance a priority, as we have so much to learn each day (623-445-7890 attendance hotline).
    Enjoy the day!


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