ELA 1-2

    This course is aligned with the Arizona State Standards which include the Common Core State Standards.

    Language Arts 1-2 is an introduction to Literature and documents, including units focusing on the analysis of short stories, narratives, poetry, and novels, in addition to nonfiction, academic, and historical documents.  Students will develop  and strengthen their writing through the composition of a variety of types of texts.  Students will develop skills based on the Core Standards in reading, writing, listening and speaking, and grammar.

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    ELA 1-2 H
    This course is an advanced version of the ELA 1-2 course.  In addition to being faster-paced, students are introduced to a variety of complex world literature and complete regular writing assignments in all categories (narrative, research, analysis, rhetoric, etc.)
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    Class Schedule
    Period Times Class Name
    1st      7:30-8:27 ELA 1-2 
    2nd 8:32 - 9:34  ELA 1-2
    3rd 9:39 - 10:36 PREP
    4th 10:41 -11:38 ELA 1-2 H
      6th 12:13 - 1:10 ELA 1-2 H
      7th 1:15 - 2:12  ELA 1-2  H