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    If you are registering for a Drawing I course, you must contact the high school instructor to set up an interview time. For your interview, have either a digital or physical portfolio.

    Your portfolio should include:

    - 10-15 pieces that display various subject matter, techniques, and skills

    - Included within the 10-15 pieces:

         - Have two of your "not so great" pieces with artist statements to show reflection

         - Feel free to include sketches of some of your work to show pre-planning

    - If there is a piece completed in school that I have that you would like to include, please stop by to take a picture of it. The reflective pieces would be a great addition to your portfolio.

    - Although it is not necessary, high school instructors also like a letter of recommendation from your current art teacher. Please read below to see which case applies to you.

          - My current 8th graders, please email me with the name of your high school if you would like a letter of recommendation. I will email it directly to the instructor.

          - If I had you last year, but do not have you this year, please email me with the name of the high school you will be attending, AS WELL AS, two pieces of work to refresh my memory.

          - If I have not had you, a letter of recommendation is not necessary.


    If you would like me to look through your portfolio or help you choose pieces, please feel free to see me for an AP pass. 







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    NO FOOD OR DRINK (other than water) will be allowed in Mrs. Beaubien's room due to various food allergies. An incident will be treated as a "Major" under "endangerment".

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