Hear ye!  Hear ye!  Hear ye!!
     Yearbook meetings aremon Monday's from 3-4pm in room 702!
    Remember: Yearbook is a yearlong committment.
    See the link below for ordering your yearbook online. 8th grade students have the opportunity for parents to purchase an ad. The ad will go into the back of the yearbook with whatever picture and note you choose to include, Thank you!
    I look forward to a new year making lasting memories for our school.
    Any questions please contact Mrs. Sears at
  • We are using Grads Photography for all of our schools photography needs. We also gave you the conveinence of ordering yearbooks online. You can still write a check with the payment envelope, written to Norterra Canyon. The link below will allow you to order online. If you have an 8th grader, you can also pay for an ad which allows you to put any pictures of your child along with a note to your soon to be 8th grade graduate!

    Click link: