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    7th Grade Math 
    The e-mail address to contact me is mary.kenobbie@dvusd.org
    My school phone number is 623-376-3361
    7th Grade math is based on the Arizona’s College & Career Ready Standards (AZCCRS). Students will solve problems in the areas of Ratios and Proportional Reasoning, the Number System, Expressions and Equations, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.  Problem solving skills and math vocabulary will be used in all areas. Focus will be on using the eight Standards for Mathematical Practices.  All instruction will be based on the AZCCRS. We use the Open Up Resources Math Curriculum. All lesson plans will be posted here the Friday before the week starts.

    Homework and Grading Policy: All grades are based on Assessments (which includes tests and quizzes), Classwork/Projects and homework.

    Grades will be weighted as follows:Math Books

                             Assessments = 65%

                             Classwork = 30%

                             Homework = 5%
    Suggested Supplies: One 3-ring binder ~ 1” or 2” size, 11 inch X 9 inch notebook with lined paper, tape, colored pencils, several pencils, lead (if using mechanical pencils), scientific calculator (TI-30X IIS), whiteboard Expo markers, Tissue




                 Find X
    Class Schedule
    Period Times Class Name
    1st      8:15-9:12

    7th Grade Math

    Team Taught with Miller

    2nd 9:16-10:08
     7th Grade Math Team Taught with Miller 
    3rd 10:12-11:04
    7th Grade Math
    4th 11:08-1:08
      5th 1:12-2:04
    Learning Center 
      6th 2:08-3:00

     7th Grade Math

    Team Taught with Biller