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    Hello! My name is Julie Rzemien, and I believe in helping your child acheive his or her maximum potential through hard work, high expectations, teamwork and lots of laughter. This is my twenty sixth year as an 8th grade teacher at Hillcrest, and I always try to integrate fun with effort. I am looking forward to a great year with our new falcons! 

    In social studies, the students will be covering a wide range of topics this year. We will study the American Revolution, Government, World War II, the Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, and contemporary times. A variety of resources and activities will be used to increase understanding. At Hillcrest, grades are weighted. In my class, tests and quizzes are worth 40% of the grade, classwork, bellwork, participation and organization are worth 30%, projects and close reads are 25%,  and homework is worth 5%. It is very important that all work is completed to ensure a good grade. 

    Regular attendance should be a priority to you, assignments and lessons missed due to absenteeism often are a major cause of poor performance. Students have been shown, step by step, the actions they need to take to get work when they have missed a school day. Lesson plans and worksheets / copied materials are located in the front of the room. One day for each day absent is allotted for making up assignments. Late work is not accepted in eighth grade. Classroom procedures and expectations were covered during the first days of the school year. 

    Thank you for your concern and support. The best way to contact me is through progress reports, telephone (623)376-3346, or by e-mail. I tend to be able to respond quickest through email. 

    Class Schedule
    Period Times Class Name
    1st      8:15 - 9:12 Social Studiez
    2nd 9:16 - 10:08 Social Studies
    3rd 10:12-11:04 Social Studies
    4th 11:08 - 1:08 Advanced Social Studies
      5th 1:12 - 2:04 Advanced Social Studies
      6th 2:08 - 3:00 Advanced Social Studies