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    It is such a privilege for me to help your child this year!  If your child has been enrolled in Read 180, then they are in for an intensive reading program which will enhance their reading, comprehension, and writing skills! Read 180 will help your child recognize patterns in syllables and spelling therefore helping them become better in readers and writers.  They will practice reading fluently and comprehending both informational text and story narratives within a smaller group which will give them time to work on specific skills.  This program is designed in coordination with the 4th grade goals in all subject areas. 
    Placement in this program is based on district/school indicators (lexile scores and Dibels testing data).  These end-of-the-year tests were given last spring and helped us learn what areas in reading and writing your child would benefit from.  Each lesson in Read 180 is designed to reinforce, remediate, and practice specific literacy areas.
    During this time of online school please have your child refer to our district website and have children work 15 minutes per day on their units.  I will be grading and looking at their work!
    Website: http://dvusd.org/extendedlearning
    My virtual office hours are 12:30-1:00  Monday through Thursday
    Zoom meeting
    Meeting ID: 122029740
    password: 000326
    Please contact me if you have questions at any time. Let's have a productive year!  My email is barbara.sanderson@dvusd.org