• Fitness Center  

                                FITNESS CENTER
     Lets Get Fit!

    Course Description:  This is a fitness concept based class.  The focus of the Physical Education / Fitness Center class is to offer activities in a safe environment, which meets the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and ethical potential for all students while encouraging fitness for life.


    Course Goals & Objectives:  During the semester the students will gain a knowledge base and understanding of general activities and workouts to help them find an interest to pursuit a lifetime of fitness.  The students will also gain a knowledge base and understanding of general workout principals for cardiovascular and body conditioning.  It is the main goal of this class to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for a lifetime of fitness.

    Class Schedule
    Period Class Name
    1st     Systo's 1-2
    2nd Fitness Center
    3rd Systo's 3-4 / 5-6
    4th General PE
    5th Lunch
    6th Fitness Center
    7th Fitness Center