• Thank you for taking the time to check out the 4th grade website.  You will find all the information you will need about our classrooms including a homework agenda, upcoming events, and daily schedules.  We will try to update the website at least once a week. 
    If you need to get in touch with one of us here is our contact information:
    Tina Hudson     623.445.4365     Tina.Hudson@dvusd.org
    Monica vonTobel     623.445.4363     Monica.vonTobel@dvusd.org 
    **during school hours you will be directed to voicemail, and we will return your calls within 48 hours;  
    This Week (Sept 9)
    **Hudson's homeroom has Science Monday ONLY of this week and VonTobel's has Science Tuesday-Friday.
    Monday: Math study guide answers: Study Guide Page 1   Study Guide Page 2 **I changed #4 to be 2 numbers added together instead of 3
    **there is a 3a which should be 373,493 >337,394                                                      Study Guide Page 3
    Tuesday:  Module 1 Math test (placevalue);  Picture Day!! 
    Thursday:  Water Cycle test (von Tobel's class only)
    Friday: Punctuating Dialogue SWYK (Hudson's class only); Early Release 2:00
    **Curriculum Night Presentation:  Curric Night Presentation
    **Monday Folder: Rita's Ice sale this Friday
    **Discussion cards for general and reading:  Table Conversations Cards     Table Conversations Reading Cards     More reading conversation cards
    Upcoming Events:
     Sept 10: Picture Day
     Successmaker Helpful hints:(this is not up & running at this time)

    1.  If students get stuck or frustrated on a question there is a question mark on the left side of the screen.  This will give them the answer but also let the program know that your child needs a tutorial on this concept later in the program.  Remember, do NOT help your child as the program is using the data to assess where your child is with their math abilities.
    2.  Your child may use scratch paper and pencil, white boards and markers, or the on screen scratch paper.
    3.  SuccessMaker requires the most recent version of JAVA.  If you need to download it, it can be found by googling JAVA.
    4.  Access the website through the Mountain Shadows website--student resources--math sites (scroll down until you see Successmaker on the list)  Username:  your child's ID number which is their lunch number;  Password:  student's lunch number
    . If your child is unable to log in, they may need to use a different browser, a different device, or have them try in 5 minutes.  We were only able to purchase a certain number of licenses and there may be too many students trying to log in at one time.  Remember, students are unable to log on until after 5:30.