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    Welcome! In art class, we strive to know & understand a variety of artists & art movements, develop our skills through technique building, think creatively through brainstorming & exploring original concepts, and respond to works of art. Depending on what class you are in, we will accomplish this through drawing/painting, working with clay, or capturing photos. Our goal is to express ourselves through a multitude of art media, experience new techniques, and prove to ourselves that with time and practice anyone can be an artist. My biggest hope is that you will leave my class with a love for the arts.




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    Instructor - Kristen Buron

    Work # 623-445-3256

    Email: Kristen.Buron@dvusd.org



    Intro to Art

    Ceramics 1-2

    Ceramics 3-4

    2D Design Digital Photography

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    Class Schedule
    Period Class Name
         1st      Intro to Art
    2nd Intro to Art
    3rd Ceramics 1-2/3-4
    4th Teacher's Lunch
    5th Ceramics 1-2
    6th Prep
    7th 2D Design Digital Photography


    Welcome to my art class! My name is Kristen Buron and I am one of the art teachers at Barry Goldwater High School. This is my eighth year teaching art, all which have been in DVUSD. I first fell in love with the arts while going to high school in Fountain Hills, Arizona. After graduating high school, I decided to pursue my interests so I moved to Flagstaff and earned my degree in Art Education at Northern Arizona University. Although I enjoy creating with a wide array of art media, whenever I get free time, my favorite past time is painting.