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    Welcome to Art!

    Welcome! In art class, we strive to know & understand a variety of artists & art movements, develop our skills through technique building, think creatively through brainstorming & exploring original concepts, and respond to works of art. Depending on what class you are in, we will accomplish this through drawing/painting, working with clay, or capturing a moment in time with DSLR cameras or creating in Photoshop. Our goal is to express ourselves through a multitude of art media, experience new techniques, and prove to ourselves that with time and practice anyone can be an artist.




    Contact Info

    Instructor - Kristen Buron

    Work # 623-445-3256

    Email: Kristen.Buron@dvusd.org




    Intro to Art Syllabus 20-21

    Sculpture & Ceramics 20-21

    2D Design Digital Photography 20-21

    Class Schedule
    Period Class Name
         1st      Intro to Art
    2nd Intro to Art
    3rd Intro to Art
    4th Sculpture & Ceramics
    5th Teacher's Lunch
    6th Prep
    7th 2D Design Digital Photography


    Welcome to my art class! My name is Kristen Buron and I am one of the art teachers at Barry Goldwater High School. This is my seventh year teaching art, all which have been in DVUSD. I first fell in love with the arts while going to high school in Fountain Hills, Arizona. After graduating high school, I decided to pursue my interests so I moved to Flagstaff and earned my degree in Art Education at Northern Arizona University. Although I enjoy creating with a wide array of art media, whenever I get free time, my favorite past time is painting.