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    Welcome to Art!

    In Studio 1 & Introduction to Art, we explore a variety of art media and techniques. We strive to Know & Understand a variety of Artists & Art Movements, practice our Developing Skills through technique building, Thinking Creatively through brainstorming & exploring original concepts, and Responding to works of art. We will accomplish this through a variety of projects working with paints, drawing materials, found objects, and much more! Prepare for an exciting year!



    If interested in joining Art Club or Photography Club, please contact Ms. Cochran. 

    Art Supplies/Donations

    Do you have extra art supplies that are not being used? Bring them in today and donate them to the BGHS Art Program where students can use them for exciting hands on projects!

    Contact Info

    Work # 623-445-3256

    Email: Kristen.Cochran@dvusd.org


    Course Info

    At Barry Goldwater, we love our technology! Please ensure you have your school iPad with your on a regular basis and are visiting the Canvas Course for your assessment rubrics, course calender, and more. We work within Canvas regularly.



    Intro to Art Syllabus
    Class Schedule
    Period Class Name
         1st      Photography
    2nd Intro to Art
    3rd Prep
    4th Intro to Art
    5th Teacher's Lunch
    6th Intro to Art
    7th Sculpture & Ceramics